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High Quality Cleaning & Hygiene Products, Services and Pest Management


Aksh Pest Control (APC) has been providing high quality pest management services since 1999. Over the past 17 years, with our unbeatable services and track record we have secured a firm and reliable platform in Delhi/NCR area. With customers ranging from large commercial firms to residential homes, you can rest assured that Aksh Pest Control has the ability and know-how to fulfil any pest control need.

Our trained and skilled technicians will come to your home or office and evaluate your pest problem and provide a solution that is safe for you but lethal to pests.

Recently with a very innovative and successful launch of our new product BANOTICK DUST TM in the Pet Industry, we have introduced a natural and organic treatment for ticks and flea disinfestation. The dust has multiple uses and also effectively kills other general category pests and garden insects.

With great pleasure we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the market leaders in specialized cleaning, maintenance & hygiene industry. Our company as a distribution partner for Intercare and their channel partner Hagleitner, a EUROPE based company offers a gamut of general and specialized services towards hygiene, cleaning & sanitation of medical complexes and various other areas like Hotels, Restaurants, Malls, Shopping Complexes, Commercial Kitchens, Airports etc.

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