Professional pest management in New Delhi/NCR

Specialising in professional pest management in New Delhi/NCR, APC is the perfect choice when it comes to eradicating pests in commercial, industrial and residential premises. We offer quality pest management services that are tailor-made to suit each client’s specific need and requirement.

Our expert team is experienced in working with all types of pests and will always provide a suitable solution.

Our goal

We aim to provide swift pest management services that will help to safeguard your commercial reputation, as well as protecting your premises, stock, products and employees from the pest infestation.


Pest management analysis

When you come to us for pest management services, we’ll then carry out an in-depth inspection and will analyse the situation hence thereafter providing you the solution. We have govt. licence to carry out pest control services in Delhi and NCR.

Please take some time to review our Services Offered in menu on this website for more detailed information on each pest.

When it comes to tackling pests in Delhi/NCR, APC will always have the solution you need.

Our commitment

APC is committed to providing a high standard of service on all jobs. Based on extensive research over the years, our pest control services are specialised to the commercial and residential sectors and are targeted to meet the needs of the clients. As a result, we provide a highly valued and sophisticated service.

All of our work comes with different warranty options and we stand by the warranties we give.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a program that is based on prevention, monitoring, and control which offers the opportunity to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of pesticides, and to minimize the toxicity of and exposure to any products which are used.

IPM does this by utilizing a variety of methods and techniques, including cultural, biological and structural strategies to control a multitude of pest problems.

Conventional pest control tends to ignore the causes of pest infestations and instead rely only on routine, scheduled pesticide applications. But we do in-depth study of the cause and provide the best solution for cure and as well as for pest prevention.


With a strong commitment to “Service with Integrity” policy, we continue to fulfil the promise of providing state of the art and modern day solutions to meet the needs of all our customers. All products offered by us are HACCP complaint and adhere to the highest standards of safety, Eco-friendliness and hygiene.

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