Cleaning Chemicals and Disinfectants

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The secret of washed dishes lies in the perfect coordination of mechanism, water replacement,

washing time and ideally dosed chemicals. The ecosol PROFESSIONAL

system is the number one choice for liquid dosing.


Powerful sanitary liquid detergent with disinfecting agents, prevents emergence of unpleasant odours for a long time. For maintenance of toilets, urinals and sanitary rooms. Easily removes strong soiling and residues (lime, urine, rust). Do not use for the cleaning of fittings. Unfolds a classy, elegant scent with flowery elements. Use the sanitary detergents safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Content 6 x 1 kg red1 Content 10 kg red


Powerful liquid perfume detergent to effortlessly remove all kinds of soilings on all surfaces in sanitary areas and washrooms, except algae, lime and urinal scale. Suitable to be used on marble. Very popular for cleaning locker rooms, saunas, indoor and outdoor pools etc. Lastingly prevents unpleasant odours. For the removal of persistant deposits, we recommed the use of UROPHEN.

Content 6 x 1 kg Content 10 kg9


Powerful scented cleanser for sanitary and all-purpose care. Removes effortlessly all kinds of soiling (except algae, lime, urinary salts) on all surfaces in sanitary and washroom units as well as on marble. Very suitable for cleaning and giving special scents to locker rooms, guest rooms, doctor´s surgeries etc. Prevents the development of unpleasant odours. For the removal of persistant deposits, we recommed the use of UROPHEN.

Content 6 x 1 kg Content 10 kg

toilet OIL FRESH

Intensively scented oil for the toilet area. Prevents the development of unpleasant smells. Covers even strong, persistent smells. Spreads a sea-freshness and leaves a nice and pleasant atmosphere.

Content 6 x 1 kg 12


sanitaryHYGIENE the daily challenge.

The sanitary facilities are known to be the secret calling card of every business – each day anew. Our range of products covers an ideally balanced assortment of detergents, scented cleaners, scented oils as well as special cleaning products to successfully deal with daily challenges.


Liquid, antibacterial active washing-up liquid. For manual cleaning of dishes and glasses, for cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen. Prevents the germ increase in the whole sink unit. Therefore, no unpleasant odours can arise. Contains care-extracts and is very gentle to the skin. Use the disinfection liquid safely. Always read the label and product information before application.

Content 6 x 1 kg  w1 Content 10 kg w2


Highly concentrated detergent, especially developed for the high demands of industrial kitchens. Easily removes greasy soiling from surfaces, floors, cooker hoods etc. Does not foam therefore, also suitable for high-pressure equipment. Do not apply on aluminium!

Content 6 x 1 kg  g1 Content 10 kgg2


Viscous detergent with high scrubbing power. Especially suitable to remove burned- in, persistent soiling from hard surfaces. After application a decent scent of oranges remains. Recommended to be used along with the dishwashSPONGE, green.

Content 6 x 1 kg 4Content 10 kg bellavit-10kg


High quality detergent for the maintenance of high-graded steel surfaces. Leaves a symmetrical coating against re-soiling. The surfaces preserve a glossy, well-tended optic.

 Content 6 x 0,8 kg 5


Our popular universal detergents can be used for various purposes while assuring cleanliness. HAGLEITNER’s special products guarantee an efficient solution for special requirements. Practical dosing systems & accessories offer just the right amount of product  to efficiently deal with the task, for order and cleanliness in all areas.


Liquid universal detergent. Has a strong fat and soiling dissolving effect. Richly foaming which makes it excellently suitable for manual dishwashing. Can also be used for the cleaning of all waterproof surfaces (floors, tiles, windows, etc). Very nice lemon scent. We recommend anti-bacterial fox ANTIBAC for sensitive skin and enhanced hygienic standards (HACCP).

Content 6 x 1 kg

Content 10 kg

Content 25 kg

orange POWER

Liquid, concentrated power detergent. For manual cleaning of all kinds of waterproof surfaces (floors, tiles, windows, etc.). Very gentle on the material and there fore suitable for sensitive materials like aluminium. Streak-free cleaning effect (also with dark, shiny surfaces) which results in an outstanding shining effect. Contains natural orange oils which provide a pleasant fresh scent.

Content 6 x 1 kgContent 10 kg

metal SHINE

Liquid metal detergent for cleaning and maintenance. High-quality metal surfaces are cleaned by fine abrasive particles (chrome, brass, bronze, nickel, copper) without scratching. Gives a shiny, practically new appearance. The metal is protected persistently against tarnishing with the special protection coating.

Content 6 x 1 kg 16

furniture POLISH

High quality maintenance oil. furniturePOLISH refreshes the wood structure. The wood gets a long lasting, silky-matt shine. furniturePOLISH avoids quick resoiling and leaves a pleasant scent. Apply furniturePOLISH undiluted and wipe off.

Content 6 x 0,8 kg


Liquid glass cleanser. Removes fatty and oily soiling with the power of ammonium chloride from windows, mirrors and all glass surfaces. Is foaming up richly, the foam clings to the glass surface. The product is therefore suitable for the cleaning of vertical glass surfaces. Economical in use.

Content 6 x 1 kg 18

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