For some people the most terrifying thing to run into in their home or office is a spider. However, most spiders look far worse than they really are. There are very few spiders that can actually harm a person. In fact, most spiders are actually helpful in getting rid of other pests. This is still not comforting, though, for most people who just wish to have a spider free home. Leave getting rid of spiders in Delhi/NCR up to the pros. Call Aksh Pest Control today to get our expert opinion.

It can be very difficult to completely get rid of spiders. The best method is calling in a professional to completely spray your home. There are no major sprays on the market that you can buy to get rid of spiders and spider traps are only minimally effective.

You have to be diligent in order to really rid your home of spiders. You will need to knock down the webs and ensure the eggs are gone. A good way to do this is to sweep up the webs with a sweeper and then dispose of the bag or dump the canister outside.



Spraying closely covering all spider susceptible area. Sprinkling Banotick dust will also dehydrate and kill the pest.

Keep your house clean and dust it regularly. Use a web sweep to remove the webs formed in the corners & crevices along the walls ans ceilings. Remove necessary clutter from the house.



Lizards are a very large and widespread group of squamate reptiles, with nearly 5,000 species, ranging across all continents except Antarctica. Many lizards can detach their tails in order to escape from predators, an act called autotomy, but this trait is not universal.

Food: Lizards prey primarily on ants, but are also known to prey on other slow-moving insects such as beetles, as well as spiders and some plant material.

Danger: Not typically dangerous, most lizard species are harmless to humans. Only the very largest lizard species pose threat of death; the Komodo dragon, for example, has been known to stalk, attack, and kill humans. The venom of the Gila monster and beaded lizard is not usually deadly but they can inflict extremely painful bites due to powerful jaws. The chief impact of lizards on humans is positive as they are significant predators of pest species; numerous species are prominent in the pet trade.



Lizard repelling sprays are used where the pest visit frequently, baiting solutions are also used nowadays, glue boards too trap the lizards.

Lizard prefer bright lit area, avoid if possible. Try controlling insects in your house because lizards are natural pest eliminator. Keep your area cool and dry.

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