Pest Identification

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Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what type of bug you’re dealing with. That’s why we do a free home visit. It allows us to see the extent of the problem, identify the species, and prescribe a course of action. Then, after a thorough evaluation, we give you a quote for insect removal and a plan to keep them out.

Insect Removal

At APC, our mandate is to use as few chemicals as possible to do the job. That means choosing eco-friendly products that are pest specific rather than broad spectrum. Follow IPM and advice physical measures to stop pest intrusion, food and shelter in your premise. We use sprays to repel or kill the pests only when necessary and in the lowest effective quantities.

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Often placing barriers like caulking in strategic locations is enough to prevent certain pests, like ants, from returning without resorting to insecticide sprays. Our goal is always to select and recommend the most kind-to-the-environment method that will provide thorough pest control and prevention.


During our free inspection of your property, we’ll explain the benefits of regular maintenance treatments every few months. Our philosophy: Better to change the locks once than keep evicting the same bad tenants!

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